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Flying fish (Tobiuo)

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Flying fish (Tobiuo) トビウオ
by Bakufu Ohno (1888-1976)

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Artist: Bakufu Ohno (1888-1976) 大野麦風
Title: Flying fish (Tobiuo) トビウオ
Series: Familiar Fishes of Nippon 大日本魚類画集
Date of first edition?1938/1
Date of this artwork?1946-50 (may not be accurate)
Publisher (first edition)?Nishinomiya Shoin 西宮書院
Publisher (this edition)?Kyoto Hanga-In 京都版画院
Medium (first edition): Woodblock
Medium (this edition): Woodblock
Format (first edition): Large Oban
Format (this edition): Large Oban
DB artwork code: 37412
Notes (first edition)?
From Volume 1, print number 6.
Notes (this edition)?
The following information was taken from the original web listing of this artwork. Note that there may be some inaccuracies:

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Title Flying Fish
Artist Bakufu Ono 1888-1976
Signature Bakufu.
Seal Artist's seal.
Dated 1938.
Publisher Nishinomiya-shoin.
Medium/Technique Woodblock print.
Impression Good … Later printing.
Colors Very good … Mica on the bright ventral area and the wings of the fish, also on the water drops.
Condition Good - fair … Light toning, wrinkles and creases. Several pin sized holes. A tear (1/4 inch long) on the bottom edge.
Description From "Dai-nippon Gyorui Gashu" (Pictures of Fish in Japan). Lively presentation of flying fish jumping out of the water. Bakufu was the best known for the series of 72 fish prints, "Dai-nippon Gyorui Gashu" (Pictures of Fish in Japan) which was published in 5 parts between 1937 and 1942 (or 44). Its artistic beauty and scientific correctness have been admired by both print collectors as well as fish enthusiasts. The natural history prints had been created by using dead animals. Even John James Audubon who observed living animals extensively, used dead specimen when he made his detailed sketches. But Bakufu Ohno made the most of his designs from his sketches of living animals. These delightful and exquisite prints required between 135 and 250 impressions from the blocks, some with up to 200 impressions.
Note The round red seal on the bottom left corner could not be identified.
Format Oban yoko-e
Width Item 15.7 inches = 40.0 cm
Height Item 11.2 inches = 28.5 cm

Artist Bio: 
Bakufu Ohno (1888-1976) was born in Tokyo. He moved to Kansai after the great Kantou earthquake in 1923. Ohno exhibited oil paintings at Teiten in 1929. He was an honorary member of the Hyogo Prefecture Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of Taiheiyogakai. Ohno produced many landscape and fish prints, including the Great Japanese Fish Picture Collection (Dai Nihon gyorui gashu) in 1940, which was published by Kyoto Hanga-in; blocks were carved by Matsuda and Kikuda, printed by Shinagawa, Nagae, Uchida and Ohno.
大野麥風(1888-1976、本名:要蔵)は、東京で生まれ、初めは長原孝太郎の指導を受け、洋画を学びました。1909年の第3回文部省美術展覧会で画壇に登場してからは、白馬会・太平洋画会・光風会などにも出品したものの、やがて、洋画から日本画に転向し、1919年の第1回帝国美術院展覧会では、日本画で入選しています。 さらに、木版画を手がけるようになった麥風は、1937年に西宮書院(現在の京都版画院)から出版された代表作 『大日本魚類画集』で、原画を担当し、当代一流の文化人の協力を得て、「原色木版二百度手摺り」といわれる色鮮やかな木版画集を生み出しました。会員制度で頒布されたこの500部限定の木版画集は、1944年まで各回12点、6期に分けて断続的に刊行され、麥風は水族館では飽き足らず、和歌浦沖で潜水艇に乗り、魚の生態を観察し、細部にまでこだわった作品を作り上げました。

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