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Hida Shirakawago

Hida Shirakawago 飛騨白川郷
by Asano Takeji

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Artist: Asano Takeji 浅野竹二
Title: Hida Shirakawago 飛騨白川郷
Series: Nostalgic Japanese Villages
Date 1st edition?1967/11
Date of this artwork?1967 (may not be accurate)
Publisher 1st edition?Self
Publisher (this edition)?Self
Medium (1st edition): Woodblock
Medium (this edition): Woodblock
Format (1st edition): Oban
Format (this edition): Oban
DB artwork code: 40952
Notes (1st edition)?May be from the "Nostalgic Villages" series - need to confirm. "67, 11" printed at bottom right corner, probably indicating the dating of November 1967.
Notes (this edition)?The following information was taken from the original web listing of this artwork. Often written by non-experts, there may be inaccuracies:

Friday, 5 October 2007


1900 10月24日京都に生まれる
1919 京都市美術工芸学校絵画科(日本画)卒業
1920 京都市立絵画専門学校本科1年に入学(日本画)本科2年頃から油絵独学
1923 京都市立絵画専門学校本科卒業
1927 土田麦僊先生の塾(山南塾)に入塾国画創作協会第7回展に出品、入選
1928 国画創作協会第8回展に入選
1943 大阪梅田阪急百貨店、東京室町三越百貨店にて個展(名所絵)
1947 木版画『奈良名勝』全8景に着手、翌年完成
1949 1月米軍第一軍団所属アメリカン・アート・ギャラリーにて個展(名所絵)
1954 『近畿名勝』八景に着手、完成
1955 京都府工芸美術綜合研究所委員会工芸部専門委員を委嘱される
1960 4月ベン・シャーン夫妻が自宅を訪ねる名所絵『瀬戸内海』に着手、翌年完成
1962 『京洛行事』(色紙型)に着手、翌年完成
1963 名所絵『九州散見』に着手、翌年完成
1964 名所絵『山陰』に着手、翌年完成
1965 メキシコ、アメリカ、スペイン、イタリー、ギリシャ、トルコに旅行 ベン・シャーンを訪ねる
1966 名所絵『西洋所々』10景に着手、翌年完成
1967 名所絵『日本聚落懐古』10景着手、翌年完成
1968 毎日選抜美術展に『眼を下さい』選出される
1969 朝日新聞創刊九十周年記念号に『三代』掲載
1970 ドイツ、フランス、オランダに旅行
1971 京展審査員を依嘱される
1977 ホノルル美術館に作品買上
1978 『合言葉は手ぶくろの片っぽ』乙骨淑子著、表紙・挿絵/浅野竹二 岩波書店刊
1981 京都高島屋美術部にて個展
1982 大阪梅田近代美術館にて回顧展。出陳全作品、福武書店買上
絵本『なんってこったい』福武書店より出版 ノルウエ-民話、文/山内清子、絵/浅野竹二
1986 京都新聞連載小説『花の妹』新潮社より出版。その表紙を描く。挿絵の一部も転載
1990 大阪ギャラリー新居にて『浅野竹二木版画展―卒寿を祝してー』
1991 枚方市御殿山美術センターにて『浅野竹二近作木版画展』
1998 永眠、
2000 京都精華大学にて生誕100周年記念 『浅野竹二遺作展 創作木版画の草分け』

Artist Bio: Asano Takeji was born in Kyoto in 1900 and studied art in his youth. He graduated from the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts in 1919 and subsequently from the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting in 1923. One of his early teachers was the artist and printmaker Tsuchida Bakusen, with whom he studied Japanese-style painting. Asano helped to organise the Kyoto Creative Print Society (Kyoto Sosaku-Hanga Kyokai) in 1929.

In 1930, Asano contributed several designs to a series of prints titled "Creative Prints of Twelve Months in new Kyoto" (Sosaku-hanga shin Kyoto junikagetsu). These prints were published by Uchida. The other artists contributing to this series were Benji Asada and Tomikichiro Tokuriki, also members of the Kyoto Creative Print Society. Asano's work as a shin hanga print designer continued throughout the 1930's, but along the way he learned the skills of carving and printing. This enabled him to create his own self-carved and self-printed series of landscape prints titled "Noted Views in the Kyoto-Osaka Area" (Kinki meisho fukei) in 1947.

During the 1950's, Asano designed numerous landscape prints for the publisher Unsodo. These popular landscape prints are still being reprinted today. Original Unsodo prints have the Japanese date printed in the margin, while the modern reprints lack the date. Inspired by the encouragement of the Lithuanian-American social realism artist Ben Shahn, who once visited him in his studio and remained his friend, Asano established a freer artistic style often featuring animals in bold colours, later in his career. Asano continued to work as a printmaker during the 1970's and 80's. These late prints were simple and often humorous, signed with the letters T.A. and the date.

This information has been excerpted from various web sources and from Merritt and Yamada's Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975.
浅野 竹二(あさの たけじ、明治33年(1900年)10月24日-平成10年(1998年)2月10日) 京都の日本画家、版画家。京都市立絵画専門学校で日本画を専攻、途中油絵に手をそめましたが、再び日本画に復帰、土田麦僊の率いる「山南塾」に入塾し、国画創作協会展に出品するなど日本画家として活躍しました。

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