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Woman Combing her Hair

Woman Combing her Hair 髪すける女
by Goyo Hashiguchi (1880-1921)

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Artist: Goyo Hashiguchi (1880-1921) 橋口五葉
Title: Woman Combing her Hair 髪すける女
Date 1st edition?1920
Date of this artwork?1970s/80s (may not be accurate)
Publisher 1st edition?Hashiguchi Goyo
Publisher (this edition)?Tanseisha 丹青社
Medium (1st edition): Woodblock
Medium (this edition): Woodblock
Format (1st edition): Large Oban
Format (this edition): Large Oban
DB artwork code: 34141
Notes (1st edition)?
Notes (this edition)?The following information was taken from the original web listing of this artwork. Often written by non-experts, there may be inaccuracies:

Woman Combing Her Hair, March 1920 (fine 1970’s woodblock reprint)
Hashigushi Goyo (1880 - 1921)

Woman Combing Her Hair - This classic ? portrait of a young beauty combing her long hair is one of the most well known and sought after images of the shin-hanga period. The design is wonderful with the young beauty in an informal robe after the bath, depicted in a private moment. She is self absorbed in her own beauty and gazes in an alluring manner toward the viewer. This incredible image epitomizes Goyo’s talent for capturing the elegant sensuality of a young Japanese beauty in a woodlock print image. It is this portrait and his image of a beauty applying makeup and the young woman after bath (see our other Ebay auctions this evening) that he is most well known for.

This Goyo reprint- In the 1970’s a small group of woodblock reprints were made of Goyo’s incredible images. His prints are so rare and sought after, these prints offered an opportunity to have a Goyo print without the expense of an original. If one can be found, an original of this Goyo print sells in the $15,000 - $30,000 range. This print is a unique opportunity and a great value. These prints of Goyo’s works are the only woodblock reprints ever produced of his prints and are very hard to come by. The detail is incredible with a lovely glistening white mica applied to the entire background (as in Goyo’s original). This subtle touch gives the entire work a shimmering effect. This woodblock print was produced to the highest standards.

Signed- Goyo-ga with red artist’s seal
Sealed- In blue in margin by publisher, carver and printer
Image size- 10 7/8” x 17 1/4” (as with original Goyos, large woodblock print)
Condition- Perfect, no toning, tears, not mounted, full margins

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