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Notes (1st edition)This scene is very similar to the lithographic print version, with only the dresser and signature changed.
Publisher (this edition): Yuyudo Yuyudo Yuyudo
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Notes (this edition)
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Saturday, 9 December 2006

"Kutibeni" (Rouge) but generally called "Lipstick". This is an extremely rare woodblock by Tatsumi Shimura (1907-1980). Limited Edition, print 227 of 450. Tatsumi said about this print, "A geisha wears lined Kimono (called "Awase") on the bare skin in the bath up.
An earnest thing does not have a face of a woman staring at a mirror. This is the scene where she has finished attaching lipstick to. Her hairstyle is called " Tsubushi Shimada". Some middle-aged Geisha do this hairstyle.
Tatsumi expressed "smart / stylish of Geisha".

Rarely seen in Japan and nearly impossible to find outside of Japan as Tatsumi prints are extremely rare, highly cherished in Japan and seldom sold. I do not think this print has ever been seen outside of Japan. Tatsumi specialized in bijin ga - prints of beautiful women. He is most famous for his series "Five Figures of Modern Beauties" (Gendai Bijin Fuzoku Gotai). Tatsumi’s prints are held by the world’s most famous museums.

This limited edition print is numbered 227 of 450. Carver; Kentaro Maeda (very famous carver in Japan), Printer; Ritsuzo Sato, and Publisher; Yuyudo. Red seal says " Tatsumi Ken In" . Size is very large: paper size is 19 and 1/2 inches by 16 and 1/2 inches. Colors are vivid, vibrant and in layers which makes them appear soft. The lines are crisp. Absolutely stunning original hand made Japanese woodblock print. Nearly perfect condition except minor toning on verso - not seen from the front. Never framed. Additional pictures gladly provided upon request. Comes with original presentation folder which carries the title as " Lipstick".
Monday, 24 October 2005

You are bidding on a very rare and beautiful original Japanese woodblock print “Lipcolor” from the Series “Modern Beauties Bijin Ga, Gendai Bijin Fuzoku Gotai” signed by the famous Shin-Hanga artist Shimura Tatsumi (1907-1980). The size of this woodblock print is 19 1/4x 16 inches. The colors, which are vivid and vibrant, are in layers. This woodblock print is not attached any backing paper or cardboard. Ink bleeding can be seen through the back of the original Japanese mulberry Washi paper. All four borders are intact. The artist’s signature and his chop mark are in the lower right corner of this print. In the lower right border of this woodblock print, there is the artist’s original chop mark again and also the carver’s and the printer’s marks. At the left of the bottom border, it is pencil writing 265/450, means this is the 265th print out of 450 total prints. The publisher’s seal is in the lower left border. As far as I can tell there are no defects, foxing, or stains, and this woodblock print is in excellent condition.
Interestingly, this print states an edition of 150, not 450. Perhaps Tatsumi wrote the wrong edition number.
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