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Saturday, 27 August 2005

Title Lady in winter
Artist Keishu Takeuchi 1861-1942
Seal keishu
Dated 1911
Publisher Bungei Kurabu
Technique/Medium Woodblock print
Impression good
Colors very good
Condition very good slightly soiled background, two horizontal folds as usual for kuchi-e, a worm track (1/2 inch long) on the upper right background, album backing (Meiji).
Description "Marishiten" A kuchi-e (book illustration) for a story published in Bungei Kurabu, a very popular literature magazine. The backward Swastika on the background is a traditional Buddhist symbol.
Width 8.5 inches = 21.5 cm
Height 11.4 inches = 29.0 cm
A frontispiece of a novel, 1911
Good impression and condition, original fold line, slightly stained on top
7,000 YEN
Sunday, 6 February 2005

Artist: Takeuchi, Keishu
Date: c. 1910
Description: Kuchi-e, Marici Bodhisattva
Image Size: approx. 8" x 11.5"
UK#: K105
"Marici is a bodhisattva in the Buddhist pantheon whose vehicle is the boar. In the kuchi-e Marici Bodhisattva by Takeuchi Keishu, a young woman is shown visiting the temple to Marici to pray for good fortune. She is walking past a container for offerings that is surmounted by wooden buckets of water for fire fighting. The second character for the word hono, meaning offering, can be seen on the container. Appropriately, the image of a boar, the zodiac animal for 1911, also adorns the offering container. The arms on the Buddhist swastika turn in the opposite direction from the German. Originally the Oriental emblem was written on the chest of Vishnu and Buddha and meant good fortune."
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