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Notes (1st edition)
Publisher (this edition): Watanabe Watanabe Watanabe Watanabe
Date of this item: 1936 1936 1936 1936
Notes (this edition)
These notes were written by the original owner/seller/auctioner of the item and may be inaccurate.:
Artist: Hakuho Hirano 1879-1957
Signature: Hakuho
Publisher: Watanabe - , 1931/1941 left and 6 mm seal right since 1918
Date: 1936
Size: 25,3 x 51,2 cm
Format: - -
Title: Natsusugata (Beppu)
Woman in summer kimono at Beppu
Hakuho has produced only five works (all are published in "The female image"), and this one is supposed to be the most exciting
Impression: fine
Colors: fine
Condition: fine / very good
Literature: Newland, Amy R. and S. Hamanaka, The female image - 20th century prints of Japanese beauties, Abe Publ. Ltd. And Hotei Publishing, Tokyo / Leiden, Japan / The Netherlands 2000, ISBN=90-74822-20-7, Reference: pg. 154, no. 212 in color
Hirano Hakuho
Summer Rain, Beppu Hotspring
Japanese woodblock print
Image size: 19 1/8 by 9 1/8 inches
Illustrated: Female Image, pl. 212
No condition problems to note
Saturday, 17 June 2006

Summer Kimono also known as A Beauty in Summer at Beppu

Date: 1936, this is a later edition published from the original wood blocks by the original publisher Watanabe
Size: naga-ban, with full margins, approx. 9.1" x 19.1" (image area) + margins
Condition: Fine, no flaws, uncirculated print, never framed
Impression: Fine, solid keylines, nice surface texture, tight registration
Color: Fine, deep saturated color and bleed through to verso
Documentation: The Female Image, Hotei, 2000, page 154, illustration #212
Saturday, 16 June 2007

Shin Hanga: Summer Rain: Beppu Hot Springs

Artist: Hirano Hakuho
Format: Nagaban tate-e: 18.5" x 9.25" approx

Subject: Seen from the rear, a girl standing at a window, holding a Thistle decorated fan as she inserts a hair-pin.

Hakuho's scarcest design.

Publisher: Watanabe (this example lacks seal).

Date: 1936

Condition: A thin mark to the top left. Paper slighly toned. Generally in very good state with original protective paper folder.

Colour: Fine

Impression: Fine with gauffrage
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