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Notes (1st edition)
Publisher (this edition): Takemura Hideo Takemura Hideo
Date of this item: 1930s 1930s
Notes (this edition)
These notes were written by the original owner/seller/auctioner of the item and may be inaccurate.:
The artist is Tsuchiya Koitsu as sealed. Print is about 10" by 7".
Beautiful night scene of a lantern porch overlooking the lights of the city. Woman mother and child viewing.
Sticker on back stating " H Takemura & Co. Yokohama Japan.
Great color. Good bleedthrough. Old and wonderful.
Horizontal center crease that is visible from a straight ahead view. Not visible when viewing print from any kind of angle.
eBay #923284398
Title: NI PO RI ??? i.e. Nippori (name of place at Taiko-ku
in Tokyo)
By H> Takemura (Negative-Positive seal)

Please kindly refer to plate #39 atpage 27of Koitsu Chigasaki catalog.
Its original drawing was also illustrated as plate #72 at page 32, which is
"Suwa-no-Mori (Shrine) at Nippori (???????)" or "Nippori in Tokyo

You might read as "Hi Gure Sato" in kun yomi reading but I confirmed
Nippori is located in Arakawa-ku in the northern part of Tokyo.
At present you can visit Suma-no-Mori Shrine (as depicted in this print) near West Nippori Station in Arakawa-ku.

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