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Saito, Kiyoshi- Temple 1- 2.jpg is:

Beautiful Original Kiyoshi Saito Japanese Woodblock Print depicting a pagoda, adjacent building and a stone garden lantern. The dimensions of the print are as follows: image size 10" by 15 1/8", paper size 11 1/2" by 17 1/8", frame size 13" by 19". The print is signed in the lower left corner Kiyoshi Saito with a red monogram stamp. There are also identical paper labels on both the back of the frame and on the mat backing which reads: Sekai-Do. These were the original Japanese framers of the print. Condition of the print is good to very good with the following problems: there is a 1/16" worm hole (pin hole) located two inches to the left of the pagoda spire and there is a 1/8" worm hole (pin hole) in the left border margin (see photos). The frame has a 1" hole (worm or beetle) in the wood frame backing board and a couple other small worm holes in the backboard cross member supports. Additionally, there is acid burn around the edges of the paper matboard. The print is adhered to the mat by adhesive in two spots, one at the top left corner and one 6 1/2" down from the top left corner. These adhered areas are about one inch in length in the border area. NOTE: The photo of the back of the print with the pin hole showing how it is adhered casts a yellow shadow along the edge---this is just how the photo came out, there is no yellowing. Having said all this about the specific conditions of the print, mat, and frame, I should tell perspective bidders that this is a vibrant, crisp, clean print with brilliant colors. There is no acid burn to the print itself or borders. The 1/16" pin hole mentioned is nearly invisible in the body of the print because of the blue and white dappled composition of the background sky. This is a classic and beautiful representation of Saito's work.

#355, 2002
This is a Kiyoshi Saito print of high quality.The work is of a self taught modern print master.His forms originate in nature.Influenced strongly by Redon,Munch,and Gauguin.He was attracted by their romanticism,their exoticism,and their mysticism.Measures approx.10 by 15 inches to the mat and 15 by 20 inches framed

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