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Notes (1st edition)Title Kiyomizu-do in the Snow Artist Hasui Kawase 1883-1957 Signature Hasui Seal sui Dated 1929 Period Shin hanga Publisher: Sakai and Kawaguchi (first edition of 100 prints), Kawaguchi (later 1930s edition of 350? Prints), Shobisha (>1950s editions). Description Kiyomizu-do at Ueno on a snowy day. Width 11.0 inches = 28.0 cm Height 16.1 inches = 41.0 cm
Publisher (this edition): Shobisha Shobisha Shobisha Sakai and Kawaguchi Kawaguchi Shobisha
Date of this item: >1960 >1960s >1960s 1929 1930s 1980s
Notes (this edition)
These notes were written by the original owner/seller/auctioner of the item and may be inaccurate.:
Title Kiyomizu-do in the Snow
Artist Hasui Kawase 1883-1957
Signature Hasui
Seal sui
Dated 1929
Period Shin hanga
Publisher Shobisha
Impression excellent … (Posthumous Edition), embossed
Colors excellent
Condition excellent … lightly rubbed on the back
Rating 1 = excellent
Description Kiyomizu-do at Ueno on a snowy day.
Width 11.0 inches = 28.0 cm
Height 16.1 inches = 41.0 cm

This is a 9 1/4" x 14 1/4" woodblock print on paper by the Japanese painter and printmaker Kawase Hasui, 1883 - 1957. This image is 'Snow at Ueno Kiyomizuda' (originally published by Kanaguichi & Sakai 1929). Unframed. Fine condition.

"Snow at Ueno, Kiyomizudo" -1929
Print size 16.5" x 11.5"
(Full Oban)
Post-War Strike ORIGINAL

Pristine gallery condition. Full margins; never laid down; no tears, folds, creases or foxing. This print is perfect in every way.

Good bleedthrough to verso. Complete with HASUI signature and sui (see scan). Authenticated by HASUI signature and sui.

One of the 16 prints designed by Master HASUI for Kawaguchi and Sakai. The Kawaguchi and Sakai prints are considered by most experts to be among Master HASUI's finest works. Particularly the lavish snow scenes.

This stunning image is considered by most Shin Hanga experts to be Master HASUI's most dramatic "Snow Scene". The use of the sophisticated printing techniques of bokashi (gradation of colors), and gofun, which gives the print an embossed feel and depth of image are used extensively throughout this print.
From his estate comes this very rare woodblock by Hasui which is numbered 84/100. Out of the first edition of this woodblock Hasui took the first 100, stamped and signed on the back and numbered them. The print is breath taking, no amont of photography does it justice. Measures 10 3/4 by 15 1/2. You can even see inside the temple is a big red lantern. So crisp and clear with NO condition problems. Bright colors on of Hasui's best. The reserve is equal to it's rarity and condition. The paper is whiter than my scans show. Obviously this print will not come again. Snow at Ueno Kiyomizudo
Lot AU54

Artist: Hasui
Format: Oban tate-e: 15.5" x 10.75"

Subject: A lady with an open blue umbrella, walking up thwe steps to the Kiyomizudo Temple Shrine. A famous Hasui design.

Publisher: Kawaguchi

Date: First 1929, this edition later.

Condition: Very good colors. Full size with large margins. Overall light soiling. Minor creases, marks and flaws. Generally very good state of preservation.

Impression: Fine impression with gauffrage
Kawase- Snow at Ueno, Kiyomizudo- 1.jpg is:

Japanese Woodblock by Hasui ‘Snow at Ueno Kiyomizu Temple’ (1929)

Beautiful temple scene with bijin under umbrella surrounded by drifting snowfall by Hasui Kawase (1887-1957) titled “Ueno Kiyomizu no Yuki” (translates as “Snow at Ueno Kiyomizu Temple”) and margin-dated originally as “Showa 4” (or 1929). This print was aptly chosen as the frontispiece to the 1986 book by Irwin Prather titled “Kawase Hasui and his Contemprories: The Shin Hanga (New Print) Movement in Landscape Art” (and is in my opinion, Hasui’s finest image—of all). One of 16 Hasui images published during 1929 and 1930 by Kawaguchi & Sakai (and as such, bears no Watanabe seals)—a posthumous edition struck off of the original blocks. Printed by Shobisha Publishers (who acquired the woodblocks when K & S dissolved in 1931). Circa mid-1980's (OLDER, "mellowed" paper--not new)--to learn more about --to learn more, please click the following link to learn more about "old paper" and Shobisha Publisher, click the following link about "Old Paper.".

SPECIAL NOTE—My previous auction listing’s comments (over the past 2-plus years) regarding this print have been to state that: Consignor has informed me that the Shobisha's previously remaining and dwindling inventory of this superb print is now "exhausted," that their skilled printer is now dead, and that none will likely be re-printed until at least the year 2007 at the earliest (assuming a skilled printer can be located at that time).

As an additional UPDATE however—-to both his AND my surprise, over just the past couple of months Shobisha HAS done just that, and begun producing freshly printed “strikes” (ie, circa 2001) of this print that you’ll occasionally see elsewhere for sale. Anyway, be advised that although they too are fine prints, they’re simply printed on newer/thinner/brighter paper that lacks the both the texture and “mellowness” of these nearly 20 year older “strikes.” (To learn more, follow above link to article about "Old Paper.") He now personally holds the ENTIRE remaining "handful" of these EARLIER copies—-at this time, only 7 remain (2/29/2002, now 6). And in a few short months, they'll be "gone forever."

The workmanship in both carving and printing is simply superb—very nice gradation of colors (“bokashi”) virtually throughout print and is thickly “over-printed” falling snow ("gofun") which gives the print real “depth” (see last image which is a "side-lite" digital image). Print is in absolute pristine condition—no tears, no stains, no fading--and printed on a nice, heavier weight "hand-made" paper that is simply no longer available today. An absolute superb image!! Image measures 9 3/8 x 14 ¼ inches.
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