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Notes (1st edition)
Publisher (this edition): Not Set Not Set
Date of this item: 1891 1891
Notes (this edition)
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Nobukazu - Twelve Months- March- 1.jpg is:

Bijin for the 12 Months: March

Artist: Nobukazu
Format: Oban tate-e: 14" x 9.25"

Subject: From the series 'Bijin for the 12 Months', two bijin and a young girl making dolls for the Dolls Festival. Above in a cartouche two Seagulls and falling petals.

Date: 1897

Condition: Fine colors. Slightly trimmed in margins. A little thinned. A minute hole top margin. Minor creases, marks and flaws. Generally good state of preservation.

Impression: Fine impression with gauffrage
Artist: Nobukazu (fl.ca. late 19th century)
Series: Twelve Months
Title or Subject: March
Signature or Seal: Signature and seal
Date or Circa: 1891
Paper Size: 14.25 x 9.25 inches
Impression/Color/Condition: Good/Good/Good

Description: Original album backing and margin trimming, good state
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