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Notes (1st edition)
Publisher (this edition): Unsodo Unsodo Unsodo Unsodo Unsodo Unsodo Unsodo
Date of this item: 1954 1954 1954 1954 1954 1954 1954
Notes (this edition)
These notes were written by the original owner/seller/auctioner of the item and may be inaccurate.:
Title Snow at Matsushima (first edition)
Artist Shiro Kasamatsu 1898-1992
Signature Shiro Kasamatsu stamped on the lower margin, "Shiro" on the plate
Dated 1954
Publisher Unsodo
Technique/Medium Woodblock print
Impression excellent - very good ... (first edition) printed on a "gei" water marked paper
Colors excellent
Condition excellent - very good ... a crease on the left margin.
Description "Yuki no Matsu-shima" Snow covered Godai-do temple at Matsushima Island in the red sunset light.
Note carver Nagashima, printer Niimi (or Shinmi)
Format Oban tate-e
Width 11.0 inches = 28.0 cm
Height 15.9 inches = 40.5 cm
Literature Grund, Andreas, "Shiro Kasamatsu - The Complete Woodblock Prints", Tokyo, privately published, 2001, - pg.13. U-40
Yuki no Matsujima (Snow at Matsujima) by Shiro Kasamatsu. Original woodblock print dated Showa 29 (1954). Very good condition. A few light foxing spots. Never been framed. Oban size measures 16.1 x 10.8 inches. Shiro characters in lower left of image. Title, Unsodo publisher's seal, Shinmi printer's seal, Nagajima carver's seal, date and Gei watermark in left margin. Nice texture and ink bleed through.

Kasamatsu Shiro - Snow at Matsushima- 1.jpg is:

Matsujima in Snow by Shiro Kasamatsu. Original woodblock print dated Showa 29 (1954). Very good condition. Never been framed. Oban size measures 15.7 x 10.5 inches. Shiro characters in corner of image. Title, Unsodo publisher's seal, Shinmi printer's seal, Nagajima carver's seal, date and Gei watermark in left margin.

Kasamatsu Shiro - Snow at Matsushima.jpg is:

Japanese Woodblock by Kasamatsu ‘Snow at Matsushima’ (1954)

Beautiful wintertime “snowy temple” image by Shiro Kasamatsu (1898-1991) titled ”Yuki no Matsushima” (translates as “Snow at Matsushima”). Although this image is undated in its margins, Dr. Andreas Grund's superb reference indicates it (#U-40) was carved and first printed in “Showa 29” (1954). Print bears black, rectangular Unsodo Han publisher’s seal in the left margin, along with names of printer (Shinmi—no longer working, now in his 90’s) and carver (Nagashima). Also bears “Gei” watermark (“gei” is the first kanji character of the of the Unsodo Publishers name, "Un-so-do,” which is spelled “gei” if alone) in the lower left corner. Circa likely 1960’s/70’s/possibly 80’s.

The workmanship in carving and printing is simply superb. Note especially the skillful gradation of colors (known as “bokashi”) throughout the print. “Gauffrage” (“blind-printing” or embossing) is also employed in this print, adding dimensionality to the overhead clouds, the horizon, and the snow-topped trees. Print shows no signs of any prior mounting and is in excellent condition—no holes, no tears—fresh, unfaded colors. Image itself measures 9 ½ x 14 3/8 inches.
Artist: Kasamatsu, Shiro (born 1898)
Series: Unsodo (publisher) series
Title or Subject: Shin-hanga
Signature or Seal: Signature and seal, Unsodo watermark
Date or Circa: Not dated
Paper Size: 15.75 x 10.75 inches
Impression/Color/Condition: Good/Good/Good

Description: Good state
Kasamatsu Shiro- Snow In Matsushima.jpg is:

Shiro KASAMATSU (1898-1991)

"Snow in Matsushima"
Print size is 15.5" x 10.75"
Early Edition
Pristine condition

No tears, folds or creases.

This print is perfect in every way. Strong image bleedthrough to verso.

This early strike evidences the publisher's watermark (GEI) in the lower right corner and the all-important double carver (Nagashima)/printer (Shinmi) seals as well as the artist seal. Master Shinmi is quite elderly and has long been retired, evidencing this print to be an early edition.
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