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July, after the bath

July, after the bath 七月 湯上り
by Seien Shima (1892-1970)

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Artist: Seien Shima (1892-1970) 島成園
Title: July, after the bath 七月 湯上り
Series: New series of ukiyo-e beauties
Date 1st edition?1924
Date of this artwork?1970s/80s (may not be accurate)
Publisher 1st edition?Murakami
Publisher (this edition)?Ishukankokai 遺珠刊行会
Medium (1st edition): Woodblock
Medium (this edition): Woodblock
Format (1st edition): Large Oban
Format (this edition): Large Oban
DB artwork code: 33910
Notes (1st edition)?Artist: Shima Seien (1893-1970)

Subject: Young woman after the bath.
Title: Shichigatsu Yuagari (July, after the bath)
Series: Shin ukiyo-e bijin awase (New series of ukiyo-e beauties).
Signature: Seien.
Date: 1924 (1st edition); 1932 January 1st (2nd edition of 100 prints). Lithograph edition 1930s.
Size: Large oban, 44,8x28,5 cm.
Publisher: Murakami; Bijutsusha.
Reference: Muneshige Narazaki (a cura di). Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in Western Collections. The Muller Collection. Tokyo, 1990, n.132.
Ota Memorial Museum. Meiji-Taisho Bijin Hanga Ten. Prints of Beauties from the Meiji Taisho era. Tokyo, 1993, n.55.
Amy Newland e Hamanaka Shinji. The female image 20th century prints of Japanese beauties. Leiden, 2000, n.125.
Notes (this edition)?The following information was taken from the original web listing of this artwork. Often written by non-experts, there may be inaccuracies:

Yuagari, Shin Ukiyoe Bijin Awase Shichi Gatsu (After the Bath, July, from the series New Beauties in the Ukiyoe style) by Shima Seien. Genuine woodblock print. Fine color condition and impression. Heisei era impression with publisher's seals, Koike carver's seal and Uchigawa printer's seal in left margin. Watermark in lower left margin. Strong texture and ink bleedthrough. Nice mica background. 19.2 x 13.0 inches. Compare to the same print on page 97 of the book "The Female Image - 20th Century Prints of Japanese Beauties" Comes with original presentation folder.

The artworks displayed on JAODB are not for sale.

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