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Pagoda in Kyoto- Goju no To

Pagoda in Kyoto- Goju no To
by Yoshida Toshi

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Artist: Yoshida Toshi 吉田遠志
Title: Pagoda in Kyoto- Goju no To
Date 1st edition?1942
Publisher 1st edition?Hiroshi Yoshida
Publisher (this edition)?Hiroshi Yoshida
Medium (1st edition): Woodblock
Medium (this edition): Woodblock
Format (1st edition): Chuban
Format (this edition): Chuban
DB artwork code: 27038
Notes (1st edition)?
Notes (this edition)?The following information was taken from the original web listing of this artwork. Often written by non-experts, there may be inaccuracies:

Woodblock by Toshi Yoshida ‘Pagoda in Kyoto’ (1942, jikoku)

Lovely scene by Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995, son of Hiroshi) titled in both Japanese kanji as “Goju no To” and English as “Pagoda in Kyoto.” Print is margin-dated “Showa 17,” or 1942 and bears a “jikoku” seal (top, left margin) indicating these blocks were self-carved by Toshi himself. Print bears artist’s block-signed signature. Circa likely 1990’s.

Print has never been framed and is in absolute pristine condition. Wonderfully done “bokashi” (gradation of color) shading to the sky’s colors; very lifelike reflections seen in water. Great colors. Print is “chuban” size, the image itself measures 6 ½ x 9 ½ inches.

Artist Bio: Toshi Yoshida was the eldest son of Hiroshi Yoshida.
Like his father he undertook extensive travels all over the world. His trips took him to the U.S.A., Canada, India,
Africa, Australia and even to Antarctica. Most of his print subjects are focused on landscapes or animals depicted in a realistic style.
After the death of his father Hiroshi Yoshida, he even experimented in abstract art for a while but returned to realistic landscape prints.
よしだ・とおし 明治44年東京生まれ 画家・吉田博の長男で父に師事 大平洋美術学校卒 日展入選など 「動物絵本シリーズ」で絵本にっぽん賞受賞 日本版画協会会員 平成7年歿

The artworks displayed on JAODB are not for sale.

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